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We help small businesses build an authoritative brand and authentic connections without the daily stress of managing it all

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With 75% of the world’s population on social media, its potential for businesses like yours is huge. But for small businesses, it’s tough to navigate, especially with limited time, manpower, and budget.


And it doesn’t stop there. There’s also choosing the right platforms, finding your online audience, trying out different post styles, maintaining consistent posting schedules, and ensuring engaging content across platforms.


On top of that, keeping up with changing algorithms and understanding analytics only adds to the complexity.


You’re not alone. 93% of small businesses feel the same.

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Boost your social media presence without any hefty investment with our FREE Guide


This ebook offers practical strategies to build a cohesive brand experience across platforms without draining your time or money.


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Instagram has 500M daily users, with the average monthly user spending 11.2 hours.

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Facebook has approx. 2.93B monthly users and its user engagement is projected to reach 75% by 2027..

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LinkedIn hosts 774 million global members and 55 million listed companies.

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Pinterest has 450M monthly users, with 71% being women. Additionally, 85% of users make purchases based on discovered content.

These stats underscore why small businesses must be on social media. At SBM, we craft a winning strategy for YOU — The one that reflects your brand resonates with your audience, and drives results you’ll celebrate.


Social media is more than just sales; it’s a whole industry of its own, with various factors influencing your success. We believe that conveying your unique story with the right strategy can create a lasting impression, build trust, and generate recommendations and referrals.


At Small Biz Marketing, we prioritize nurturing connections that extend beyond transactions — not just our relations with you, but also your relationships with your customers. 


With our customer-centric approach, we handle every aspect of your social media marketing, from planning to execution and performance evaluation. No cheesy sales tactics; let your genuine connection with the audience speak.

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With Us , You get

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Tailored Strategies

Tailored strategies aligned with your goals, energy, and lifestyle.

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Step-by-step profile optimization.

Step-by-step guidance on profile optimization across various social platforms.

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Audience-centric content guidance.

Audience-centric content that nurtures your unique brand voice and storytelling.

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Compelling visuals and copywriting.

Eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to engage and spark conversations.

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Community care and engagement.

Complete community care of your online community, fostering a positive brand image.



We start with a four-step process:

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Our Services

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We deliver experiences that our clients love

We deliver experiences that our clients love

A Game-Changer for Small Businesses!”

“As a small business owner, I was struggling with marketing until I found Small Biz Marketing. Their team is incredibly invested in my success, providing tailored solutions that truly resonate with my brand. They have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on what I love doing. Their strategic planning, web design, and social media management are top-notch. It’s rare to find an agency that genuinely feels like a partner, but SBM does just that!”

“The reason to hire Prati and her team for your small business marketing needs is because they care about the legacy you’re leaving in the world like it’s theirs. Your dreams, goals, vision, and mission will be brought to life with multiple, creative, and powerful strategies. Getting results is at the forefront of what they do, and you’ll experience that along with personal, kind, and thoughtful service every step of the way.”

Exceptional Teamwork Leading to Real Results

“Working with SBM has been a fantastic experience. Their team’s synergy is palpable and translates into exceptional work. The strategic marketing consultation was insightful, and the development of my website was handled with great care and professionalism. Their consistent performance in email marketing has helped me connect with my audience like never before. SBM is an essential partner for any small business looking to grow and thrive.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Discovering the perfect social media platforms for your business is crucial. Dive into audience research to uncover platforms that resonate with your target market. Tap into the vibes of your ideal customers to find platforms that showcase your brand authentically. Our social media marketing services will guide you in finding the platforms that align with your style and business goals. Let’s focus your energy where you’ll love and connect with your audience the most!

The frequency of posting on your social channels depends on the specific platform and its best practices. Each social platform has its own parameters for optimal usage. A skilled social media manager is well-versed in these practices. If you’re managing your own social media, it’s essential to do some research on post frequency, post length, and ideal posting times. By understanding these aspects and incorporating them into your marketing strategy on social media, you can maximize the effectiveness of your posts.

An ad on social media differs from a regular post in that it involves paid advertising. While regular posts are organic and shared with your followers and the public, social media ads are strategically created and targeted to reach a specific audience based on demographics and interests. Both regular posts and advertising on social media can be powerful tools when used with the right strategies, allowing you to connect with your audience and maximize your reach and impact.

Promoted or boosted social media posts refer to the practice of paying a nominal fee to increase the visibility and reach of your organic posts on certain social media platforms. By promoting a post, you can ensure that more people see it, especially when it performs well or when you want to highlight a special offer. Depending on the platform, you can either boost the post directly from the platform itself or set up a more advanced advertisement through the platform’s advertising platform. Incorporating a strategic approach to promoting your posts can greatly enhance your overall marketing strategy on social media.

No, you won’t have to worry about creating content if you hire our social media management service. We handle everything from content creation to graphics and posting. Occasionally, we may request your assistance in creating specific reels or videos, but overall, we ensure that your social media content is taken care of. With our social media content creation services, you can focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the content for your social media platforms.

From Likes to Leads: A Small Business Guide to Meaningful Social Media Engagement
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