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Have you ever thought of serving customers beyond a product or service?

After understanding and analyzing different tactics to see what works best for our clients, we have adopted a unique method of serving them. It’s called “empathy-based marketing.”

Empathetic marketing is a marketing strategy that’s solely focused on customers. It aligned perfectly with us because one of our core values is customer obsessiveness.

In this blog, we’ll share how we implement empathetic marketing and how you can leverage it to your benefit. You’ll learn how to build deeper relationships with customers that generate long-term revenue.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

What do you mean by empathetic Marketing?

Empathetic marketing implies thinking from the perspective of the customer and not merely with the intent of marketing or sales. The core idea behind empathetic marketing is to show care to the customers by understanding what they need, and what goals they want to achieve and assisting them to go from their current position to their desired position.

The big difference between simple marketing and empathetic marketing is the intention. We focus not on making money, or a sale, but on providing authentic service from a place of understanding.

We focus on building relationships with customers, building the know, like, and trust factor to make the customers feel that they’re investing their time, money, and energy in the right place.

An empathetic marketing strategy blends the data with the customer’s emotions. It focuses on making the best use of data to serve the customers.

Why is empathy with customers essential?

As a small business owner, you need to understand and analyze your customers in depth. You have to connect with them and build relationships. Before marketing your product or service, you must first establish the know, like, and trust factor.

Empathy is a way to understand another person’s perspective. That’s what we want in marketing. We wish to have a thorough understanding of our clients.. Empathy is a way to authentically draw the attention of other human beings to yourself.

As Theodore Roosevelt puts it best,

“ People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Empathy in business is a way to connect with people who matter to you.  If you ask yourself a fundamental question like, “Why would my consumer want to connect with me?” You’ll realize how much you care and understand them.

People resonate with the energy of empathetic content that you create. Empathy brings assurance in marketing because your customers know why they’re buying from you, they believe and trust you.

5 Essential Components of Empathetic Marketing:

We have developed our way of serving our customers via empathy in marketing.

Here are our top five components of empathetic marketing.

1. Customer Centricity

We prioritize providing the finest possible customer service to our clients.. We listen carefully to their feedback and strive hard to provide the best possible solution to what they’re looking for. There’s only one question that we ask ourselves every single day: “ How can we make it better ?”

Our founder, Prati Kaufman, shares an interesting instance of customer centricity as follows:

Think of customer service as a sport. Do you want to act like an athlete? The goal is to train scrupulously and perform at your best on stage. From there, you want to think about how you can bring your A-game to an even higher level. 

That’s the kind of mindset we have adopted.

2. Customer Delight

It is the next level of customer centricity. It is to be obsessive about serving the customers. Customer delight focuses on making sure that your clients always have a good time with you and your services.

For instance, if the client wants sign-ups for their paid membership programs through Instagram marketing, we tailor our Instagram marketing strategy exactly in that direction. We constantly ask for feedback at each step of the process, we listen to them, and we make it the most important part of the business.

3. Underpromise Overdeliver

The BIG secret of our empathy-based marketing is,  we give more than what we promise. We make an effort to foresee our clients’ demands and have the resources ready even before they inquire. Rather than trying to hide our mistakes, we take responsibility for them and swiftly change course.

4. Customers More Than Profits

The major focus of our brand is NOT money. Sure, we’re in the business of making money, but we focus on making the process of making money stress-free for small business owners.

5. Shared Values

Another aspect of an empathetic marketing strategy is to let go of customers who do not share the same values. Because if the core values do not match, there’s less possibility to serve them in the best way. We consciously choose the customers that completely align with our values and let go of those who do not!


Empathetic Marketing is a revolutionary way to CARE for and serve customers beyond just products or services.

It’s a marketing technique that anyone can implement and reap the benefits of. It’s about trying new things and discovering ways to make the world a better place.

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