Celebrating Mompreneurs This Mother’s Day

Mompreneur working from home with child, celebrating Mother's Day

We often refer to moms as “superwomen.” It is truly amazing to see how mothers are able to juggle so many responsibilities of their home, family, and children, and still pursue their passion and dreams. 

This Mother’s Day, we at Small Biz Marketing are celebrating such incredible mompreneurs who have successfully managed to run their business while raising their families wonderfully.

Our mompreneurs are living examples of how a dash of perseverance, balance, and hard work can take you a long way. We are proud to highlight the stories of our mompreneurs who have accomplished so much in their respective fields. 

Amy Dougherty, Founder, Irigenics LLC. 

From being a social worker in Colorado to now being the founder of Irigenics, the journey of Amy Dougherty is no less than an inspiration. 

Amy’s vision behind establishing Irigenics was to give individuals a survival tool that offers hope. When asked what exactly drives our mompreneur to continue her entrepreneurial journey, Amy reverted to saying that it is her will to uplift individuals with self-doubt and to make ordinary ones feel extraordinary in this world.

Currently, Ammy is a mom and an eye-reader who helps individuals on their path of self-discovery and healing. 

Jean McGavin, Founder, History Chip

Jean Mc Gavin is a woman who stands for the voices of those that were somewhere neglected and suppressed in  society. She founded History Chip with a dedication to creating a more equitable and inclusive world. 

Her sole purpose behind this foundation was simple: to make everyone feel equal and recognized. She has worked relentlessly to create history that is truthful and, not lies and omissions. 

As a mom, Jean Gavin believes that it is essential for her child and every other child in this world to know what matters. Her entrepreneurial foundation, History Chip, is a step in this direction.

Jaye Subramanian, Founder, Consult Vera

Jaye Subramanian is a woman who wears many hats. She is a mom, a CPA, a CA, and an enrolled agent, doing it all with ease.  She founded Consult Vera with a deep interest in finance that goes much beyond numbers and simple financial reporting.

Jaye’s Consult Vera  is a showcase of her passion for simplifying complex concepts and helping people relieve their financial burden.  As a mom, she understands the power of empathy and active listening, which she professionally employs to comprehend the unique circumstances of each person. 

Today, she is a proud mom and an excellent CPA.

Jacqueline Kane, Master Energy Healer

Jacqueline M Kane  has spent several years working in the healthcare industry. However, her passion for healing and desire to do something for women led her to pursue a new path. With consistent practice in healing and a reputation as a low-back specialist, she is now a Master Energy healers helping women uncover their karmic blocks.

In addition to being a great mom, she is proud to come out as a supportive woman, helping other women out there to achieve new levels of health, wealth, and lifestyle. Through her estabilishment as Master Energy Healer,  Jacqueline is making a positive impact on the lives of many women. 

Laura Di Franco, Author, Brave Healer Productions

With a 30-year background in physical therapy, 14 years of training in martial arts, and the publishing of over 50 Amazon bestselling books, it is safe to say Laura Di Franco is a multi-talented mompreneur. 

Currently, as an owner of Brave Healer Productions, Laura is passionate about helping businesses grow, share their stories, and change the world. 

Being an entrepreneur herself, Laura is committed to bringing the best out of talented professionals. 

Liz Lehman, Founder and CEO, Aluminate Life

Liz Lehman, an anesthesiologist for over 20 years, has transformed from a fascination with candles and crystals into an entrepreneur. Ever since her childhood, Liz has always been fascinated by candles and crystals. However, adulthood had different plans, and she grew up to be an anesthesiologist, where the majority of her surgeries forced her to think about how a healthy lifestyle and environment can change things for the better. 

Her journey as an entrepreneur and a candle enthusiast began again when, sitting on a torn hamstring, she was exposed to the toxins and chemicals in candles via a blog. With age taking a toll on Liz’s anesthesiologist career, her entrepreneurial spirit and belief in sustainability led her to establish Aluminate Life.

Now, she is a proud mom and a mompreneur at the same time. 

Maureen Decker, Managing Director, Prime Financial Services 

With the start of her career in the institutional investment management industry for over 20 years and now helping medical professionals navigate their financial planning, Maureen Decker serves as the backbone of Prime Financial Services.

While being a mom to two boys and two dogs, Maureen believes in using her expertise to help individuals make a difference in their lives. This mompreneur covers all aspects of financial services, including retirement planning, budgeting, insurance, and whatnot. 

Prati Kaufman, Founder, Small Biz Marketing

Prati Kaufman‘s journey began in a small town in India where she was raised with an abundance of love and support from her family. From a young age, she was taught how our choices and inner strength define us, and not our circumstances. 

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, Prati has worked with a diverse range of clients, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses. However, four years ago, she made the bold decision to quit her job and start her own marketing agency, Small Biz Marketing. Today, she is not only a devoted mom but also a successful mompreneur, Her Company Small Biz Marketing helps small businesses enhance their sales and image. Parti’s passion for helping others and her wealth of experience make her a valuable asset to her clients and the business community as a whole.

Wrapping Up

Amidst all the family drama and external struggles, being a mompreneur isn’t easy. Despite facing several challenges, our mompreneurs have proved that with sheer determination and patience, anything is possible.

 They haven’t allowed themselves to be restricted by stereotypes; rather, they are an inspiration to the coming generation. Small Biz Marketing, at this Mother’s Day 2024 cherishes all mompreneurs who have changed not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them. We are thrilled to share their stories and hope you will have a good time reading. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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