The Top 9 Best Apps for Small Business Owners in 2024

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Attracting new audiences, drafting catchy advertisement campaigns, promoting new services, and much more—running a small business ain’t a cakewalk. It requires some skill and efficiency. However, in this era of digital supremacy, you do not need to do everything on your own. 

Thankfully, we have a variety of apps available that are specially designed for small businesses to ease and fasten your entrepreneurial tasks. 

The best apps for small businesses improve your productivity and help you achieve your long-term goals. Let’s delay more and delve into the best apps every small business owner must have in 2024.


The Best Apps for Small Businesses

Content Creation and Management Apps

  • ChatGPT 
  • Canva
  • Pexels

Marketing and Conversion Apps

  • Final Cut Pro 
  • Active Campaign 
  • Paypal

Business Streamlining Apps

  • FreshBooks 
  • Notion 
  • Google Workspace 


ChatGPT, for AI Content and Strategy 

Designed to think and understand like humans, ChatGPT is a must-have tool for small businesses. Why, you ask? Well, ChatGPT can do a lot for you, helping you save a lot of your time without compromising the quality. Here’s how you may use it for your small business: 


  • Brainstorming new ideas and suggestions. 
  • For keyword research to help with Google rankings. 
  • For audience segmentation. 
  • For Content ideas, development, and repurposing
  • For feedback on existing content and ways to improve it. 


Features: With features like natural language processing, multilingual support, a wide database, continual learning, and much more, ChatGPT is here to stay, so why not make the most of it? 


Pricing: If you’re just getting started, you can use GPT version 3.5 and the limited features of version 4.0 for free. The paid version is priced at $20 per month and has a bunch of additional features. 

Canva, for Creative Material Design 

Your marketing material is important! It helps you establish yourself as a brand and gives you a unique identity and brand tone. However, it is important to create quality marketing to stand out. Here comes Canva and how it may help your small business: 


  • Content Creation
  • Stunning graphics
  • Team collaboration 
  • Branded templates
  • Logo designing 


Features: With a variety of pre-designed templates, Canva is here to give wings to your creativity, no matter what you want to create. Be they ads, posters, invitations, or ebooks, Canva designs them all. This app can make you look like a graphic expert. Plus, it allows easy editing and sharing features with your team. 


Pricing: You may start your creativity for $0 with Canva. Plus, you can unlock premium content and enhanced features with Canva Pro for $ 120 a year. 


Pexels, for Unlimited Photos

Want to make your content look engaging? Well, maybe adding images is something very easy and effective to do. Pexels can help you with the same. It comes with thousands of stock files that can make your social media content look more creative and catchy. 


You may use Pexels in the following ways:


  • For downloading top-notch images or videos. 
  • Use leaderboard highlights to understand what content is working. 
  • Pexels challenges you to stay updated. 


Features: Pexels has a bundle of photography and videography stills that are easy to download and use. 


Pricing: Small Business Owners! You can enhance your presence using the visual elements of Pexels without spending a penny. It is one of the best free apps for small business owners


Final Cut Pro for Video Design 

According to SproutSocial, 9 out of every 10 marketers are using video marketing. Also, 81% of individuals want to see short-form videos from the brand. However, video making and editing aren’t as easy as they seem. With Final Cut Pro, making professional videos becomes easy and quick. 


Features: With features like multicamera editing, pro-camera mode, transitions, effects, and much more, Final Cut Pro takes your video-making game to another level. 


Pricing: You can enjoy the benefits of the free trial version for 90 days, or you can pay a one-time fee of $299.99 and unlock enhanced benefits. 


Active Campaign for Email CRM

Active Campaign is a super helpful platform that can help you with email marketing. It is a cloud-based platform that you can use for customer segmentation and much more in one place. 


Here’s a list of where it can be used:

  • Email marketing 
  • SMS marketing 
  • For producing dynamic content for every audience 
  • For sales automation 


Features: Active Campaign comes with a variety of features to ease your marketing tasks. From standard to automated campaigns, A/B testing, drag-and-drop editors, and much more, you can have it all. 


Pricing: You can try Active Campaign for free for 14 days. After that, you have several options to choose from. The starter pack starts at $8 per month. Or, you can get the Plus version for $49/month. 


Paypal, for Quick Payments 

PayPal is undeniably one of the top payment apps for small businesses, and for good reason. It’s incredibly user-friendly, fast, free, and highly effective.


Businesses can use this app for: 

  • Individual payments
  • Simplifying subscription payments. 
  • Credit card processing services


Features: With features like payment protection, the ability to send and receive payments internationally, and online and in-person transactions, PayPal helps small businesses run and grow easily. 


Pricing: You can sign up on PayPal for free. However, there is a standard rate for businesses to receive domestic and international payments. 

FreshBooks for Easy Accounting

Ensuring smooth financial management is crucial for any business, and FreshBooks makes this task efficient and hassle-free. Boasting a user-friendly interface, FreshBooks stands as one of the best invoice apps for small businesses


You can use it for: 

  • Generating business reports
  • Scanning receipts
  • Tracking expenses with ease.


Features: With FreshBooks, you can bill in any currency and offer customers the convenience of paying via credit card. This app is your go-to solution for keeping your budget in check while streamlining your financial operations.


Pricing: The Lite, Plus, and Premium versions of FreshBooks come at 7.60 USD per month, 13.20 USD per month, and $24 USD per month, respectively. 


Notion for Project Management 

For all kinds of businesses, small or big, management is the key. And Notion does exactly that. Designed to help you manage documents, projects, all your information, and everything important in one place. It allows you to organize everything that matters in one place, so your work flow remains smooth and you never miss out on any deadlines. 


  • You can use it for writing and planning. 
  • Sharing your work with colleagues. 
  • For tracking recent comments, mentions shared by your teammates, and much more. 


Features: Notion is designed with a bunch of attractive features to make your work management super easy. It has an organized home section, a private and shared sidebar, a floating table of contents, and much more for you to explore. 


Pricing: You may use the free version of Notion for collaborative workspaces or basic page analytics. The Plus version comes at $8 per month, and the Business version is $15 per seat per month. 

Google Workspace (G Suite)

In an era where businesses are constantly competing to improve their productivity, manage their tasks, and do everything well in a quick and effective manner, Google Workspace can offer huge help. 

It helps you communicate, collaborate, and streamline all your tasks, taking your productivity to a new level. 


Here’s how it helps small businesses:


  • GMail for personal and professional messaging. 
  • Google Sheets and Slides, allowing all your team members to access and edit the same document on a real-time basis. 
  • Google Drive to store all your important files.


Features: With features like cloud storage, shareable calendars, Google Forms, and much more, the perks of using G Suite are a lot to miss. 


Pricing: You can try the Google Workspace free plan for 14 days and then go for the Business Starter plan, starting at $6 per user per month. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it! This curated list of 9 apps is specifically designed to empower you with reliable tools that can streamline your tasks, save you time and energy, and significantly enhance your overall productivity. It’s important to note that while these apps offer great potential, it’s essential to identify your unique requirements, explore the features of each app, and leverage them effectively.

At Small Biz Marketing, we are dedicated to making small businesses a success with a unique approach to listening to their needs and designing tailored strategies accordingly. 

Say goodbye to marketing overwhelm with a team 100% invested in your success.

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